Motorola MR350TPR Talkabout Two-Way Radio Review

The way to live a comfortable life usually backed with the accommodations around you that provide you the support of comfort for your day to day working. Sometimes a few things are beneficial when you are on an outdoor trip such as Motorola Mr350tpr Talkabout 2-way radio pack. This product is a very unique thing that you can carry with yourself when going outside. This is important to have a walkie talkie on outdoor trips because you have to face any things when you are hunting and hiking or doing any other task in your outdoor ventures. This Motorola MR350TPR Talkabout Two-Way Radio Review helps you to get the idea bout its features, pros, cons, and other details. Toggle it below for further details.

What is Motorola MR350TPR Talkabout Two-Way Radio?

Motorola Mr350tpr is a walkie talkie two-way radio. This is designed by Motorola to ensure you the best working capacity. The model is very stylish and offers four different charging ways. This package includes a triple desktop charge base to use it at home, and you can also attach the USB charging cable to have on the go charging support. It requires a USB wall cable to charge up its units. It uses the cable and connects it to your PC or laptop for usage. All these things such as PC, wall, and car charger available separately. Motorola Mr350tpr Talkabout 2 Way Radio Triple Pack has an emergency alert feature that provides the great outdoors knowing to get an idea about the outdoor emergency. It has an alert button that functions to provide the details of all the alerting situations. After pressing the alert button, you may have the transmission of a siren signal, which includes the transmission of incidental or spoken sounds. It may help you to transmit a signal to other radios and warn them of the upcoming danger.

Motorola Mr350tpr has an in-built flashlight that helps in unexpected emergencies, power outages, and evening adventures without any extra effort. A reliable source of light is always essential during any emergency to manage things. It provides bright lighting to help in managing the emergency state.

Features of Motorola Mr350tpr Talkabout 2 Way Radio Triple Pack

This is a stylish and innovative Motorola Talkabout Mr350r two-way radio that comes with these amazing features.

  • It provides support to give you information about the weather alerts and use its channels related to weather updates. There is the support of tuning to one of seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration channels on this radio to get the new updates for the weather. It may help by providing information on upcoming storms,s winds, and other climatic issues.
  • It has the weather updates support for 24 hours and keeps you informed about the facts for the whole day and night. Its system provides updates about weather emergencies that include storms, tornados, and hurricanes. You can use it to communicate in the need of emergency alerts to have the management time.
  • There is VibraCall support that serves with the silent vibrating ring. It is useful to know the locations when you are outside. The vibration helps you to comprehend the warning alert, and you can even have the idea about these alerting the noisiest place where the ring is usually not heard.
  • It manages the tension of handling by giving hands-free support. This may allow you to enjoy hiking and other outdoor tasks without using your hand for this Motorola 350 two-way radio.
  • You can enjoy twenty-two frequency capacity with more than a hundred and twenty-one privacy codes without any interruption. Moreover, it has the facility to set the radio according to the desired frequency.
  • This Motorola 350 radio can function with the help of its AAA batteries. If you are having a lower battery, then go for the Tripple A batteries and enjoy the services of this radio for 24 hours.
  • It offers ten call ringtones to set them according to your desire.
  • The manufacturer-backed the Motorola Mr350tpr Talkabout 2-way radio pack with a wider range. It gives maximum battery capacity that you can use without any hindrance.
  • It has a channel view option. You can see the channels to select one of them.
  • Motorola Mr350tpr Talkabout 2-way radio pack have:
  1. Three radios
  2. Three battery packs
  • Three faceplates
  1. Three belt clips
  2. Three PTT earbuds
  3. One AC adapter
  • One desktop triple charging base

Motorola Walkie Talkie Mr350r Radio Pros and Cons

It is made by Motorola brand that ensures you amazing benefits. It has the underneath pros and cons.


  • ThisMotorola Walkie Talkie Mr350r Radio can be used by three users at a time.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of two-way radios made by the Motorola brand.
  • Mr350r Review states that it has high audio quality with clarity and loudness.
  • There is a built-in flashlight that makes it very handy and bright. It gives you support light along with the radio.
  • Comes with a huge amount of privacy codes that help you from any kind of interference.
  • Available with two power settings options to transmit 1.5 watts or 0.5 watts.
  • Very easy to use and manage products.


A few Motorola Walkie Talkie Mr350r Radio reviews based cons are.

  • It has a 35-mile coverage range that is only applicable to rural areas. This feature not applicable in town. It gives only an 8-9 miles range when you are in town.
  • A few users reported limited channel capacity.

Final Verdict

Well, Motorola MR350TPR Talkabout Two-Way Radio has the best outcomes and support that you can add in all the hunting and outdoor activities. The best thing about this two-way radio is that it has longer area coverage, more channels, and affordable prices. This is made by Motorolla brand that ensures beneficial results to many consumers all across the globe.  You can use it in hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, and many other outdoor ventures to enjoy the peak of your outdoor time. It gives your making range in rural areas that are also backed with high-quality performance. In short, it is a handy, durable, and useful walkie talkie two-way radio by Motorola.

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