HP Envy 5055 vs 7155

Buying a printer for your needs can be daunting because of the variety of options that you need to go through to buy one that matches your preference. Honestly, this can be confusing. We bring you two products; HP Envy 5055 and 7155, these can be the best options for those who want to print photos conveniently at home.

Before you choose one, you should check out what these two products are offering. In this article, you will learn about why you should buy a printer, how to buy a printer, details about both products and their comparison.

Why you should buy a Printer

Buying a printer is your own choice. If you want to print pages no matter colored or black and white a printer is necessary. Printers are mostly used in offices, schools, and other places where regular scanning, printing, and copying of documents is done.

Buying a printer is a good choice if you are confused about buying a personal printer for your home. We would recommend that you should have one because for some obvious and not so obvious reasons.

Here are some reasons listed in bullets for you to understand and to create a better picture:

  • Easier to modify and edit printed documents at home
  • Paper is always cheaper than servers and computers
  • Print as much as you want without any restrictions
  • You can control the quality of your prints
  • Print pictures of your loved ones without spending a lot
  • You can educate your children
  • You can print assignments easily
  • And so on

It doesn’t matter what your paper needs are, a printer can fulfill them. If you don’t acquire your own printer, you may have to find printing service shops and spend time and money to print some documents and pictures? It is not worth it. Having a printer can save you money, time and you can have peace of mind when it comes to print documents.

Buying a Printer

If the above-mentioned benefits are what you are looking for then you should get printers to get things done quickly and efficiently. However, every product comes with different benefits. You should look for one that matches your needs and also your budget.

Printers come with different features. Some print only black and white paper and on the other hand some have both colors, white and black printing ability. Some of them are used for simple printing of documents and some are used for advanced purposes like pictures.

The next thing you should keep in mind is the cost. Keep looking at retailers near you or else you can buy these online. Keep an eye on the cost and compare it. You may find printers cheaper in online stores but the ink may have separate charges that are required in these.

Also, consider looking at the claim on each cartridge or ink bottle about how compatible they are like how many sheets they can print. In some cases, the ink may drain faster than the claims are so beware.

About HP Envy 5055 and 7155

You now have some knowledge about how the printer should be or what you should buy, now you need to know what the market has to offer. Printers come in a wide range and you will see tons of them out there, all of them can print documents and the most common one is the black and white one. Our advice is to consider big names in the industry as they are trusted as per the quality and also their ink is available easily.

HP printer areas compared to others are most reliable. Not only just because they are well-known manufacturers but their parts and services are everywhere and easily accessible. The printers they offer are comparatively cheaper as compared with other products with the same features. The best ones in the catalog are the HP Envy 5055 and 7155.

Both these products are best for domestic use like for people who want to print photos at home. They are considered to be compared because they have a lot of similarities with each other.  You can use both of these printers for the regular basic needs of printing pictures and documents. These both work best for students and home use. They produce a good result with constant contrast, especially for black and white documents.

HP Envy 5055 and 7155 Design

As if compared, both of these printers look like the same models because of their design and fashion. Both of the models are bulky and occupy space on a table. Both of the models use the bottom feed system to load paper into it using the lower tray and then eject the printed pages to the opening right on top.

Some people may not find this system useful because it becomes difficult to load thicker paper but still this works fine. The main reason why both of these products are thick is that they have a glass panel and also they are used as a scanner. There is an LCD installed in it that is touch supportive.  The screen of both models is touch-sensitive but only 7155 has a colored display.


HP Envy 5055 and 7155 Printing Performance

The most important thing is the printing performance of a printer. Both of the models are highly compatible, useful, and reliable when it comes to print documents and pictures. Both of the printers print quickly especially black and white prints. HP Envy 505 can print almost 10 pages per minute and as compared to the HP Envy 7155 is slightly faster and can print more than 10 pages each minute. There is no much difference but still, a slight variation is present.

After the performance, the quality is concerned. Both produce high-quality pages when a user wants to print colored pages and photos. However, keep in mind that the speed reduces when you want to print photos. Quality-wise both are almost the same. Uses A4 sized paper and you can stack 100 sheets into the printer that can score a quarter of these pages.

HP Envy 5055 and 7155 Copy and Scan

Apart from printing, scanning is also an important feature that is used regularly. Both HP Envy 5055 and 7155 can scan and copy documents. This function is very useful because whenever you want to make copies of the document, you will not need any computer to do this, you can utilize the display or control on board to do this task.

The output can be as big as A4 or even longer paper and both tend to produce soli print up to 600 by 300 dpi for both black/white and color pages.

Also, you can use the touch screen to adjust the size of the print from the menu. The size can be reduced up to 25% and also you can enlarge them.

HP Envy 5055 and 7155 Connectivity

Connectivity also plays an important role in deducing the best product. However, there is no such difference in both when we mention connectivity. User’s most favorite part is that they can wirelessly print pages using their Wi-Fi. This means you will not need to rely on a laptop or a computer to print pages.

Moreover, they also don’t have USN cable, users have to purchase it separately but Envy 7155 comes with an SD slot that allows you to print instantly from the machine.

HP Envy 5055 vs 7155; Comparison

If you are looking for a printer that is capable of printing both black and white pages as well as coloring pages including photos, then one of these printers is the right choice. However, both of them are very similar but the Envy 7155 version is quite faster, has a colored LCD screen, and also comes with an SD card reader so you can print files directly. Also, Envy 7155 is more expensive than the 5055 version.

                      HP Envy 5055


                        HP Envy 7155


The touch screen is black and white The touch screen is colored
Can print 10 pages per minute Can print more than 10 pages per minute
No SD slot present Able to print USB. No laptop or computer is required
Less expensive More Expensive



Buying a printer can be daunting because of the variety of models and versions available in the market. Look for a printer that matches your needs and is also under your budget. Some printers are cheap but their ink is expensive or isn’t available.

Look for printers from a reputable company like HP, as their service centers and accessories are available everywhere. In this article, you have learned about the difference between HP Envy 5055 and 7155. You now know which one suits you the most. If you want to have a colored LCD printer printing documents and pictures at a faster pace: grab Envy 7155 and if you want a decent printer for small regular or occasional needs and don’t really want faster printing, order Envy 5055.

Grab a printer that matches your needs.

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