Garmin Foretrex 401 Review

Most of the advancements have played a vital role in improving the working capacity of humanity. There are infinite things in this regard, and Garmin Fortrex 401 is one of the best GPS trackers with maximum benefits and portability support. This product offers more performance capacity to ensure support for workflow. Like other products of Garmin, it is a pocketable and lightweight device. Nevertheless, it is a hands-free wrist-mounted tracker, which is easy to use and buy with its affordable cost that is an excellent option for anyone looking for a decent model at a bargain price that you won’t have to hold when using. This review will go over some of its main advantages and disadvantages and compare it to some of its closest competitors, including the newer Foretrex models. If you are looking for a portable GPS tracker, check out this guide for the best handheld GPS tracker. Our Foretrex 401 reviews provide the details for the following GPS tracker products.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

Everything is not as simple as it seems. There are many things that you should know what is better and what you should do to have the best option. But before you go to our Garmin 401 Review, we have elaborated some points that can help you opt for the best GPS tracker.


The design of the product must be unique and quite useful for your work. It should look like a GPS tracker but give you remarkable benefits in return. If you are going to buy the Garmin Foretrex 401, then firstly look for its design. The design of this GPS tracker is far better than other products from the same brand. It is essential to explore the design’s details because if a design is not user-friendly, it is not as efficient as a user-based GPS tracker.


The tracking capacity also necessary because this is the essential thing that you are going to use the GPS tracker. Try to use a highly efficient product that provides outstanding trackings support. Many trackers allow you to have a backup of your route to the camp.


A tracker must have a clear LCD splay to see things clearly. The display screen helps you to see things both day and night with backlight support in the background. The colored display ensures accurate reading to administer the next step according to the provided facts. There are a few products in the market that have a dual-screen show on the GPS tracker.


The battery is another essential thing that helps you choose s quality-based GPS tracker in the market. If it has a durable battery, it means the tracker’s life is more than a weak tracker battery. Usually, most trackers have the 2 AAA batteries, but they may vary from brand to brand due to their usage hours capacity.


The connectivity of a tracker makes it the real gem for your outdoor ventures. It is essential because of the need. If a tracker has better connectivity support, functioning also improves and makes it the best one from others. Most of the trackers have Bluetooth for connectivity and USB cable usage support for saving your desired locations, tracks, routes, and many other things.

Ease Of Use

If a tracker is easy to use, most customers naturally prefer that model and definitely use it. If you are looking to add a tracker to your outdoor activities, then make sure you should be comfortable with its usage. It is because ease is the best thing that drags you toward a product. Being easy to use is one of the core values of the Foretrex line of trackers. Most of the trackers in the market are easy to use and almost user-friendly.

Other Things

Despite the above things, you must also know about the other things that help you in this regard. It may include additional items that can help you to enjoy your outdoor venture. This may involve a timer, hunting information, ad many other useful features that may attract you to have one level-up working support.

Garmin Fortrex 401

Garmin Fortrex 401 is one of the best GPS trackers with excellent benefits to ensure your high-quality working capacity. Its design is unique and different from other models from the same brand. Garmin has been making numerous products for past years, but it is the one that has class and quality simultaneously. This is a wrist-mounted GPS tracker that you can easily use. The length of its main body is 1.70 x 0.90 x 2.90 inches. It looks quite bulky, but you can quickly wear it on your hand all day long to perform your tasks.

On the other hand, it is a lightweight tracker that allows you to wear it without a hectic feeling. Its weight is almost 3 ounces less than its manufacturers’ other models, such as 2 ounces less than the GPSMAP 64 series and 0.10 ounces lighter than its 601 models. This tracker has an IPX7 rating that makes it a standard model from Garmin.

Its manufacturer designs it so that you can sue it anywhere and bear the accidental threats and be with you for a longer run. It has water exposure support for up to 30 minutes in 1-meter deep water. This tracker also backed with protection from environmental haphazard such as heavy rain, showering, and snow. If you want to use it for your all the time tracker, you can wear the Garmin Foretrex 401 on your wrist with the help of its extension strap. It has an adjustment feature on the belt that you can set according to your wrist size. Thus, it provides comfortable usage support or your all-day wearing. This strap has a hook and a loop velcro system that gives you security support. That is why it can be used or wear by both adults and kids. It is available in both sizes to serve different clients.

Features of Garmin Fortrex 401

Garmin Fortrex 401 is an option that comes with all the fantastic features to ensure your best outcomes and benefits at the same time. The manufacturer behind this GPS tracker is Garmin that offers you many other products for many years. Garmin 401 review includes the following features:

It has a fantastic design that is supportive for daily usage. It is a wrist-mounted tracker that you can wear on your wrist without feeling any burden or hectic. Its design is so unique that it has a 1.70 x 0.90 x 2.90 inches tracker length. It makes this tracker a comfortable option to carry for the whole day and enjoy performing your duties.

It is not heavy like a traditional tracker because its many features have made it suitable for everyday users who want to sue the tracer for their working and outdoor tours. Although its design makes it look bulky, it is still lesser in weight than other brand products. It is 2 ounces lighter from the GPSMAP 64 series and 0.10 ounces lighter by its 601 models.

The tracking capability of this Garmin Foretrex 401 is the best and positively remarkable. It has an electronic compass, a barometric altimeter, and a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to support the working of HotFix. These things help you work in all kinds of areas, even in the covered regions, due to their superb tracking capability. Its tracker can retrace your route and steps to give you info about your functioning.  It may display the required course and thing in a dotted line.

Foretrex 401 reviews provide details that its TracbBack features have been designed for tracking back your route, and you can go to the base ca without wasting your time. Its compass needs the proper grip and placing to ensure you accurate route. You have to hold it properly and to get the right location route. If you have not done that, then there will be an issue in calculating the path.

This tracker has a 1.7 inches LCD to give you a view of things. The Garmin 401 reviews have been in its support because of its affordability features. However, it has no colored display, but it gives you a clear view of its larger display support. You can read things even in the daytime with its wider and perfect screen. Moreover, it has backlight support for the nighttime to help you in better reading and usage. The new models of the Gramin Fortrex have been backed with a bigger display screen to give more detailed information about the routes.

It has 2 AAA batteries that last for more than 15 hours. The working of the battery varies due to various brands, making kind, mAh rating, and other things. Usually, 600+ NiMH batteries give you more lasting time support, which is 17-18 hours. This Garmin Etrex 401 GPS tracker has amazing battery support, and this model has next-level capacity.  The 601 models have 2 days of battery support and help to save energy. Foretrex 401 reviews support the UltraTrac mode to inform you about the battery issues. This tracker has more energy support because it has no light LC display, which uses more energy from batteries. This tracker and all the other trackers from Gramin Foretrex require AAA batteries for work. You can have a full pack and use them when you think there is a need for use.

The connectivity of the Foretrex 401 is wireless. It can be pair with cadence and heart rate sensors. The mainframe is bike-mountable and functions with other sensors. It helps to keep the track of your trip and routes for better outcomes. You can pair it with other compatible devices with the help of Bluetooth support. The USB cable can also be used with this tracker because it has this option.

Undoubtedly, this is easy to use tracker that comes with amazing perks. Its weight, making, and other things make it easy to handle and utilize trackers from other models. Moreover, Foretrex 401 reviews have newer models with more features and ease back for usage.

Pros and cons of Garmin Fortrex 401

The Garmin Foretrex 401 and Garmin Etrex 401 offers a bunch of perks to ensure your high-quality working capacity. This product has a few kith and kins. They are:


  • Customized and easy to use
  • Wrist-mounted
  • Comes with a readable LCD
  • Provide appropriate GPS receiver
  • Supported by AAA batteries
  • Provide up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Made with high-quality material
  • Backed with IPX7 waterproof support
  • Affordable and user-friendly GPS tracker


Some of the Garmin Fortrex 401 reviews bases cons are:

  • It has an electronic compass that easily hinders your working flow due to frequent decalibrated issues.
  • It has display issues because the size of the LCD for display is quite not supportive for a better view of the usage.

Comparison of Gramin Foretrex 401 and Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Both of these two trackers are opposite to each other when it comes to price. The working also varies because of making and features. Garmin Foretrex 401 is an expensive model, but Hgramin GPSMAP 64st is more expensive than this GPS tracker. Garmin Foretrex 401 reviews explain its features and working capacity that is far better than other models from the same brand. It provides amazing features such as the TracBack option that help to serve with the back route to your camp. Its battery is much better due to its more life support. While on the other hand, Garmin GPSMAP 64 st has the same features along with a bigger display. They are made for various users. Foretrex 401 has been designed for hikers and geocaching workers. It is a portable and easy-to-use device that also saves your money when it comes to affordability. 64st is also backed with a portable and easy usage capacity, but it is quite expensive from the Garmin Foretrex 401. Nevertheless, if it is an expensive product but gives you supportive results in return. It has improved tracking capabilities, and better performance makes it stand apart from other products.

Final Words

Well, there are many options in the category of wrist-mounted GPS trackers in the market. But you can’t go for everyone. Garmin Foretrex 401 is the one that comes with amazing features and benefits. This is a convenient and easy-to-use tracker with its wristwatch support.  Its weight is also suggestible for wearing on your wrist all day long. Although it is quite bulky you can carry it easily on your wrist. It has a high-accuracy receiver, electronic compass, altimeters, and feasible size, connectivity support, and many other beneficial features. It has wider display support that can help you to get an idea about the previous and present activity. The battery usage and connectivity are also amazing. However, there are numerous new models of Garmin Foretrex, but this one has its special place and workings support. You can use and enjoy the beneficial tours with its advantageous support. Thus, it is the best option when you are looking for a GPS tracker.

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