ClearOne Max Wireless Conference Phone

Interact with ease, without a clutter of wires around your phone. ClearOne Max Wireless conference phone is designed with advanced features that allows users to hold conference calls with remarkable audio quality. Ready to use, simply plug-in the base unit. Chargeable built-in batter allows to make calls in any room according to user’s preference. With more than one speaker and microphone differently angled allows wide sound reach, suitable for a large number of people in a room. With ClearOne maxattach Wireless, have full control over by controlling sensitivity of microphones and speakers.

Key Features

Elite Audio Performance

  • Clear HD sound enables users to listen and speak simultaneously without the fear of sound cutting in and out
  • Echo-cancelation enabled, eliminates echo in any space or room
  • Three different angled microphones allow clear and 360° audio pickup of every participant
  • First-mic priority features allow users to recognize a participant’s voice and remove hollow tunnel sounds
  • Noise-cancelation features remove any kind of external noise from appliances such as fans, HVAC systems and other similar
  • Automatic and manual audio controls, keeping he audio consistent and balanced
  • External microphones and speakers are attachable

Wireless Capabilities

  • No restrictions of phone line, turn any room into a conference room with or without a phone line
  • Wireless range of signals permits the usage of device in multiple different rooms without moving base unit
  • No wires around creates no mess and a clean look is provides on the table or floor
  • With one full charge, the device allows you to make conference calls up to 12 hours. Standby time is up to 36 hours, no need to charge frequently. Power saving mode automatically enables when unused for some specific time
  • No issue of charging while conferencing with dual-function power supply or charger
  • With 64-bit enabled encryption, every call made is secured
  • Audible notifications when phone needs recharging or the signals are out of range
  • Phone bleeping button permits users to locate the phone easily

Ease of Use & Control


  • Simple installation and plug-play functionality, configure it in no time
  • Upgradeable features, get access to latest features later
  • Changeable ringtones, users can choose from the list


  • Small Conference Room
  • Executive Offices
  • Small Office/Home Office
  • Any room without a phone line

Package Contents

  • Quick Start Guide
  • ClearOne 1  Battery Pack
  • 1 x Power Supply/Charger
  • 1 x Power Supply Retainer
  • 1 x Base Unit
  • 1 x Wireless Phone Unit
  • Telephone Cable
  • CD documentation guide


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