Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios Review

If you are looking for a solution to enjoy the two ways of radio for your next outdoor trip? Then try the Midland 2 Way Radio. There are numerous options around you in the market, but having the best one like GXT2050VP4 GMRS two-way radios means there are fewer issues in usage and more benefits. It has been designed by the Midland brand. This radio feature fifty channels and includes two headsets along with NOAA weather alerts, dual desktop charger, DC adapter, thirty-six-mile range, and lithium-ion battery packs. It is a handy set that is easily carried out when you are going out for a nest trip. Planning your trip and having the bag pack is another important thing. You will be glad to sue this product at your outdoor ventures due to its beneficial features. It comes with an amazing working capacity to bt the other models in the market from the same manufacturer. You can read the complete details about this product in this article. Let’s check it out.

What is Midland 2 Way Radio?

This is a two-way radio that is specially designed by the Midland brand to give you amazing benefits for outdoor trips and tours. Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios Review provides details about this model. It has the standard twenty-two GMRS channels along with additional twenty-eight channels. It also provides a loud and clear digital sound with the help of its HD dynamic audio. The manufacturer tooled the best thing and expertise in making of this two-way radio. This radio keeps you informed about all the conditions of the weather and provide updates. You can use these updates to keep you active. It also serves with hazard information via NOAA broadcasting and helps dynamically for the management of things. It has the support of warning for emergency alerts such as biological hazards, fire, Amber alerts, landslide, nuclear power plant warnings along with weather updates. Undoubtedly, this is the best option that may send distress and locator signals in critical emergencies with the help of SOS siren updates. It is a water-resistant radio and easily handles moderate rainfall.

Features of Midland 2 Way Radio

  • This two-way radio has beneficial features that make your outdoor venture more thrilling. Midland Walkie Talkie Review includes the following salient features:
  • It has a built-in whisper feature that helps you to hear things. The Midland Two Way Radiosgives you amazing clarity for hearing the sound even in the most noise disturbing places.
  • It has superfast charging times due to its polymer battery pack. This may store power for emergencies and gives instant charging support.
  • The Midland Two Way Radioshave lithium battery packs to ensure maximum power to users with long-lasting battery life.
  • It provides fifty channels with crystal clear communication. You can easily access these channels with the help of a button on this Midland GMRS Radio.
  • You can avail of over 3,124 channel options to enjoy the variety. It provides conversation blocking support. This two-way radio has the one hundred and forty-two privacy codes that aid in conversation blocking without any hectic.
  • It is backed with JIS4 protection that protects Midland Gmrs Radiofrom water splashes and rain. This feature makes it able to withstand moderate level rains.
  • The Midland Gxt 2050has the weather scan benefit. It automatically saves the weather channel by providing information about severe weather conditions. These features are backed with the NOAA weather alert system to give you weather updates.
  • It has a range of thirty-six miles with the help of lithium polymer batteries that allow you to enjoy super-fast charging capacity. It has a long battery backup, which takes lesser time for charging and last or more time. The Midland Gxt 2050charge within a few hours.
  • This Midland Gxt2050vp4 radiohas been covered with a camouflage case to protect from outdoor activities.
  • It has five animal call alerts that provide the detection of wolves, crows, cougars, turkeys, and ducks sound to protect you from the animals or help in hunting them. There is the support of ten call alerts that users can select according to their requirements.
  • It has accessory jacks, roger beep, auto squelch, level nine eVox for hands-free working, and backlight LCD screens. Moreover, you can set the device on silent mode and have vibration for notifications alerts.
  • There is a battery-saving mode that involves silent, hands-free operation, keypad lock, and external accessory jack for various need-based users.

Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios Pros & Cons

Midland 2 Way Radio Reviews elaborate that this walkie talkie two-way radio has a few pros and cons.


The manufacturer has made it in a very protective way. It has been wrapped in camouflage for low-key use. The casing support protection from sudden falls and keeps it away from breaking.

  • It is designed for outdoor use because it has superior range coverage.
  • The product is made with high-quality material to ensure your durability and maximum performance.
  • There are twenty-two FRS and GMRS standard channels along with additional twenty-eight channels.
  • You can enjoy 3,124 channel options supported by privacy codes. These channels are free from interference and make it clear for listening.
  • Its manufacturer provides a three years warranty on its parts and labor without any additional charges.
  • It has a weatherproof capability that makes it superior to other products. It can bear a moderate level of rain for up to thirty minutes.


Most of the Midland Two Way Radios Reviews found the following cons.

  • It has a lesser charging ability that only lasts for a few months after buying this Midland Two Way Radio. It was a very intervening problem that Midland has redesigned the whole model of this series. However, this issue was with the older set, but new models have no charging issues.
  • You may have a limited range, which is the most common issue with any two-way radio model. But, Midland has promised a higher range to get a more vivid performance to get the best experience.

Final Words

Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios have been made by the Midland brand that has been working for many years to serve with high-quality functionings support. Its old design has complaints from the consumers, but the manufacturer took these issues in notice and redesign the whole model and make it a new invention with better capacities. It has improved and better audio quality that gives you clearer hearing support without any interference. Its lithium batteries are durable and run for a longer time. The operating capacity of this Midland two-way radio is more amazing, and you can use it when you are going for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor adventures. Most of the Midland GXT2050VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radios Reviews are in the favour of its performance and best-serving support. Indeed it is the best option for going out and enjoy the trips with its amazing design, rangeability, and channel variety.

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