Best Display Port Cable 2022

Finding the best DisplayPort cable can be daunting when you don’t have much knowledge about it and have to go through a pile of products and choose one that matches your needs.

If you are facing a problem in finding the best DisplayPort then you are in the right place. Here in this article, you will see top-rated products that are available in the market.

Every product is different but has some features in common. Every product has its unique feature that works best in different places.

Let’s find out which one will be the best for your needs.

Reviews of Best DisplayPort Cables

1. Ivanky DisplayPort Cable

Ivanka DisplayPort Cable is the first on our list that is best for gaming and video streaming purposes. The authenticity of this cable can be deduced from the fact that it is one of the most popular DisplayPort cables available on Amazon with over 90% positive reviews.

The connector of this cable has latch-free connectors with 24k gold-plated coating which offers seamless, reliable connectivity with stable signals.

The manufacturing of this cable is notably solid because it is braided with nylon which prevents damages or cracks to occur ultimately increasing its durability. The nylon material used allows users to use it in limited spaces as it can easily bend.

The Ivanka DisplayPort Cable offers no lag by delivering uninterrupted transmission of data. Also, the plug and play feature allows users to directly connect it to their PC and enjoy high-definition video transmission and crystal clear audio.

The DisplayPort 1.4 version is supported that supports a 4K ultra UD display with a 60Hz refresh rate, 2k at 165Hz, and 1080P Full HD. Due to these mentioned features, this was declared as best for gaming purposes as it provides a smooth refresh rate for an enhanced gaming experience.

As per your requirements, you can choose from different cable lengths. For short length needs, you can choose 3.3 feet, for medium length 6 feet and if you require a long cable you can get one with 10 feet length.


  • Lifetime Warranty from Ivanka
  • A thin wire with durable gold-plated connectors
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD @ 60Hz


  • Doesn’t support an 8K display

2. Rankie 6 Ft DisplayPort Cable

Another cable has gold-plated connectors. This medium-sized cable features inner braided foil to reduce interruption in connection and also improves the quality of the video streaming.

The length of this DisplayPort is 6-feet which can cover all connectivity needs. Rankie DisplayPort cable supports Ultra high definition video resolution up to 4K. The latch button that comes with it allows reliable connection and easily plugs or unplugs the cable.

The unique feature of this cable is that it has dual shield protection of copper codes from inside. The outer part is made with PVC material that ensures that no damage from corrosion or bending happens makes it durable and the inner shielding ensures a better connection

If we talk about the compatibility of the Rankie DisplayPort cable, you can use it with all kinds of PCs, Laptops, projectors, or simple monitors. The only drawback is that this cable cannot be used with monitors that have a high refresh rate.


  • High level of compatibility
  • Free repairs and replacements for Lifetime
  • Supports video resolutions up to 4K


  • No compatible with several monitors with a high refresh rate


3. Accell DP to DP 1.4

Moving forward, Accel DP to DP 1.4 is one of the best choices if you are looking for a cable that supports 4K resolution at 240Hz. This cable offers a display up to 8k resolution at 60Hz, 5K resolution at 60Hz, and 4K resolution at 240Hz. This cable is designed best for users who need a cable that is a perfect refresh rate.

This cable doesn’t only support DSC (Display Stream Compression) 1.2 for smoother refresh rate but also this is one of the VESA certified cables because it meets all the required quality standards

Accell DisplayPort 1.4 provides maximum connection speed up to 32.4 Gbps which is quite faster than the DP 1.2. The unique feature of this cable is its wide compatibility with all the downward versions of many DisplayPort enabled devices which include gaming monitors, gaming graphic cards e.g. RTX 2060, RTX 2080, or 3080, and also compatible with projectors. For customer satisfaction about durability, the company offers 3 years of warranty that includes free repairs and even replacement.


On its downsides, the cable lacks gold-plated connectors which means the connectors are not quite durable and need careful plugging into the devices. Secondly, the length is limited to 6-ft. So, make sure that you need cable length in this range.


So, if your preference is 4K gaming at 240Hz or 8K gaming at 60Hz, the Accell DP to DP 1.4 is the best option that you can make right now.


  • VESA certified cable
  • High-quality bit rate – HBR2
  • Supports 4K and 3D resolutions
  • 6 Gbps bandwidth support


  • The connector’s durability is low.

4. Club3D CAC- 2068 DisplayPort 1.4

Another product that is on our list because for some good reasons. The Club3D CAC- 2068 DisplayPort 1.4 cable is one of the VESA verified cables that works best for users that want to connect their GPUs to a G-sync-enabled 165Hz or 144Hz monitor.

The unique feature of this DP cable is that it works fine with old monitors that still use DisplayPort 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Unlike other products, this cable is much better as it comes with the latch button and comes with durable buttons that never struck in the port and also doesn’t damage the inside of the board

The cable is heavy but ultra-flexible that prevent deformation and bending and features extra layers of shielding for extra protection.

One of the best features of Club3D DP cable is its resolution offer. The cable supports 8K of resolution at 60Hz, 5K resolution at 60Hz, and 4K UltraHD of resolution at 144Hz which is better than many other cables. This cable is ahead of its time, which means you can use it in the future too without any issues.

The audio transfer quality is quite remarkable too. It delivers uncompressed digital 2.1, 5.1, and 7.1 sound channels. Also, the manufacturer offers two years of warranty which makes it a reliable choice.


  • Best for heavy-duty tasks
  • Soft and ultra-flexible material
  • Available in different lengths
  • Compatible with many gaming monitors
  • VESA certified DisplayPort 1.4 cable
  • Supports high-resolution


  • Doesn’t come in braided fiber wrapping


5. OMNIHIL DisplayPort Cable

This is another famous DisplayPort cable that is affordable and opts out of the enjoyable display. This is a good choice if you want to use it to connect your HD monitor, projector, or PC. One of the great features is that it offers a plug and play. This means you can use to anywhere and get hassle-free connectivity and also save a lot of time installing drivers for it.

Just like some other cables, the OMNIHIL DP cable also features connectors that have a coating made of gold. The gold coating is done because it offers worriless plugging and unplugging. In addition to it, with gold coating, braided shielding is used to increase durability and performance. These both provide reliable connection and performance.

The OMNIHIL DisplayPort cable offers seamless HD video and audio transmission from PC to monitors, HDTVs, and other products and provides the best experience of gaming and streaming. This cable supports different channels including 2, 5.1, and 7.1.

Near the cable end, there is a button that is used for secured plugging and unplugging and also prevents chances of accidental removal of the cable.


  • Offers latch connection
  • Compatible with extended and mirrored displays
  • Portable


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Build issues

6. Moread Mini DP to DP Cable

At number six, we have the Moread Mini DP to DP cable. This cable has many features that users enjoy like dynamic compatibility. You can use it on a lot of devices like Laptops, Thunderbolt ports, projectors, PC, Mini DP, or a monitor. Also like the OMNIHIL, this cable has the release button to plug or unplug cables.

The cable is short in length but there is no compromise in performance as per support of this cable is concerned. It supports 1080p Full HD, Ultra HD, and 4K resolutions. Also 1440P @ 144 Hz, 2160P @ 60Hz and 1080P @ 144 Hz. A latch is also connected for enhanced connectivity.

There are some drawbacks of this cable like as compared with other cables Moread comes with a limited warranty of one year. Also comes in one size only which might be a serious limitation for users that have different needs. If you are looking for a cable with a long length, then you shouldn’t be considering this cable.

However, if you want a mini DP cable that offers wide compatibility options then you should go for Moread Mini DP cable.


  • Connectors fit perfectly
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Most affordable option
  • The picture quality is outstanding


  • Limited warranty
  • Available in one size only

7. Cable Matters DP to DP cable

Cable Matter DP to DP cable is similar to Ivanka DP cable in many aspects. This is another great product that you can choose from at an affordable price. An inexpensive cable that has many features and delivers efficiency and performance similar to other high-end DisplayPort cables.

The manufacturer made this product to match the needs of every user. A long 10 feet length is enough for every user to accommodate any projector, laptop, or product. Not only the length but the power of this cable is also great too, you will get 4K displays and support for HD audio channels.

The durability of this cable is high. This is achieved by using Gold platted connectors, bare copper conductors, and braided shielding. As already mentioned above that this combination provides secure connections, prevents risks of accidental unplugging, and also prevents the cable from damage and corrosion. Also, have a latch button just like some of the cables discussed above.

Not only it have wide compatibility options, but this can also be conveniently connected to all the DP and DP ++ equipped devices. This cable supports 1080P and 4k displays without any lag or problem. Sadly, you won’t get any display above 4k, and also this cable is not VESA certified which can be a reason for people to reject it as some have trust issues.

Though, this is a good choice if you want a cable affordable and provide seamless audio and video transmission.


  • Delivers HD video and audio transmission
  • Gold plated Connectors
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Good for playing games and live streaming


  • 8K displays aren’t supported
  • Not a VESA certified cable


8. GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable

One of the most popular and trusted brands in the market is the GearIT Gold Plated DisplayPort Cable. This cable has every feature that is required by any person who is in need of a powerful DisplayPort cable.

With gold plated connectors and latched buttons, the connection is secured and reliable. Compatible with every DP, DP++ and DisplayPort++ equipped devices. Also, 28 AWG copper conductors and foil and braided shielding provide signal strength and high performance.

You will get high definition audio channels including 2, 5.1, and 7.1 with this cable. Plus, it supports 1080P full HD and $K video display.

It has wide compatibility options means you can use it for many different purposes like you can use it in projectors or for video streaming online.


  • Slim design
  • Built for fast data transfer
  • Available in multiple lengths


  • Expensive


9. uni USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

As the name suggests, this is Type-C to DisplayPort cable. This is the best choice for persons that want to connect their Type-C devices with their PC like Laptops, projectors, monitors to other DisplayPort enabled devices. It comes in two lengths i.e. 3ft and 6ft, which is an ideal choice for MacBook users.

One of the good features of this USB-C to DisplayPort cable is its plug-and-play option and its compatibility. The cables don’t require you to download any software to use it. All you need is to connect this cable to the devices and you can use it instantly.

As mentioned above, this cable is best for MacBook users. Compatibility includes all the old and new additions of MacBook Pro 13 and 15, MacBook Air, MacMini 2018, Razer blade, Google Surface book 2, iMac (2017), Dell XPS series and so many others.

The bad news is that the devices that are new like Nintendo Switch, Galaxy models like A5 to A80, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and some other devices are incompatible with this cable. So, it is important to see the compatibility of this cable before you buy it.

The performance is quite good. This cable delivers 4K resolution @ 60Hz and 2K @ 144Hz. The current version of this cable is DP 1.2 which is an older version. There is a new version which is DP 1.4 which supports 8K resolution.

Fitting of this cable is never an issue as this cable has reinforced connectors that deliver strong connection and reliable data transfer. The material used in it is similar to some cables like ivanky DP cable but is built with braided nylon that increases the durability. To avoid heat damage and corrosion, there is an aluminum casing that gives better heat insulation increases the life of this cable. Also, the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee that increases user’s trust.


  • Easy to use, Plug and Play Cable
  • Good and durable connectors for better connection
  • Good quality material used
  • Worth the money


  • Incompatible with some devices

10. Anbar Gold-plated DisplayPort Cable

Anbar Gold-plated DP cable is a good option if you want to connect your DP-enabled PC to gaming monitors or a projector to experience the best gaming and streaming experience. The good thing about this cable is that the connectors are gold-plated that not only supports reliable connectivity and signal transmission but also improves the color of images and make the image sharper.

Using this you can get multiple video resolutions including 1080p, UltraHD to 4K, and seamless digital audio transmission through different channels.

Multiple DP-modes support ensures better customization. Mirror display is enabled means you can connect more than one display product like monitors with your gaming PC. This feature is best for people that do streaming online. The plug-and-play option is available but the configuration steps are quite simple and will take only a few seconds if you want this cable for mirror display-related purposes.

Anbear Gold-plated DP cable comes with a latch button and foil and braided shielding. This means that the connectivity is safe and signal strength is optimal. A common problem that occurs that distort signal is the electromagnetic interference, with foil and braid this cable removes the electromagnetic interference that distorts signals allowing smooth transmission of signals without any lag.

Overall, this cable is a good choice if you want a reliable connection and a cable that offers seamless gaming and streaming experience. You can use it easily as it has a plug-and-play feature.


  • Higher compatibility
  • Supports 4K, Ultra HD, and 1080P full HD resolutions
  • Better signal transmission
  • Very affordable


  • Lack of support for Xbox One.

The Best DisplayPort Cable

It depends solely on your needs and preferences which one you consider the best. However, every inch of detail is mentioned above in the reviews. All you need is to look out for what works the best and what kind of products you have and what cable will work fine.

Some of the cables don’t support 8K as they have DP 1.2 version, some have short length cables and some are expensive. You need to go through some research about which cable is compatible with your devices and then buy one that fits.


Final Words

In this article, the top 10 DisplayPort cables are listed and discussed thoroughly. From display support to connectivity everything is mentioned in the article. You can choose one of them, all of them work fine but some have some cons that may be a drawback for you. Choose what you need and enjoy the best gaming and video streaming experience.

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