Top User Picks Best Treadmill For Heavy Person

In this review report, I provide my consumers’ perceptions of various high-quality treadmills customized for those who are overweight or who enjoy jogging a lot.


With a weight limit ranging from 300 to 400 pounds, I picked these models from a pool of 30+ treadmills that I was able to “test drive.”


Each of the top options is the best heavy-duty treadmill in its weight class due to the larger running surface pushed by a powerful engine, and I also tried to provide a budget-friendly treadmill in each weight capacity.


Where can You find these heavy-duty treadmills?

All 9 of these home treadmills are usually available on Amazon (provided they haven’t been briefly out of stock).


And later on, I’ll show you a few machines that are only available on their manufacturer’s website – high capacity treadmills made with high-quality materials and supported by long warranties — that are also worth considering.


The treadmills we’ll be looking at are listed below, grouped by maximum user weight:


300 lb. weight capacity


325 lb. weight capacity


350 lb. weight capacity


400 lb. weight capacity



Best Heavy-Duty treadmill Reviews

Okay, here are the individual product reviews, categorized by weight limit, as well as tables comparing some of these treadmills’ important features.



300 lb. Weight Capacity

Top Pick Budget Cheapest
NordicTrack Commercial Series XTERRA Fitness TR300 Folding Treadmill Horizon Fitness T101 Foldable Treadmill




Why is the NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750 more expensive than the other two low-cost models?


Reason-1: Extremely powerful motor; and that alone is easily worth a few hundred dollars.


Reason-2: By far the greatest virtual reality connectivity circuitry of any of the nine treadmills in this assessment.


Reason-3: It has a larger running deck than the other two, which is long enough for strong sprinters and wide enough for everyone.


NordicTrack Commercial Series 1750

This one is my top recommendation for Best Treadmills for Heavy People in the 300 pounds. weight limit category, due to its iFit connectivity and the most powerful engine of any of the seven treadmills under 400 lb. capacity.


Who this is best for: The iFit program on this treadmill is wonderful, as is the full immersion into all of its varied workouts using the “Travel the World” option.

It’s great for someone likely to become bored or unmotivated when working out on a standard treadmill with simple metrics displayed on a screen.


Xterra Fitness TR300

Due to a decent guarantee, a nice sized deck, and a couple of dozen workout routines, this inexpensive foldable treadmill outperforms many models costing just a few hundred dollars or less.


Who this is best for: Someone on a shoestring treadmill budget. Because it has the smallest motor of the lot, the TR300 is generally best suited as a walking-only treadmill for people who weigh less than 300 pounds.


Horizon T101

The Horizon T101, another low-cost folding treadmill that outperforms similarly priced competitors, is somewhat better than the Xterra in my opinion.


That’s because it features a slightly stronger engine (2.5 CHP vs. 2.25 CHP), as well as Bluetooth and significantly greater exercise feedback from the console. It’s also around $60 cheaper at this time.


Who this is best for: Someone on a shoestring treadmill budget. If you’re under 250 pounds, you can use it as a running treadmill, and if you’re 250 to 275 pounds, you can use it as a walking treadmill.


325 lb. weight limit capacity



Top Pick Budget
SOLE F63 Treadmill Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced Running Treadmill



If you go to Amazon and click on the “Check Price” buttons, you’ll see that the Sole F63 is close to $1500, and looks to be a lot more costly than the Horizon T202.


Don’t be fooled by those figures (I explain down below in the Sole F63 individual review).


Sole has been selling its F63 treadmill for $999 for years, and Consumer Reports and other review websites have named it the Best Treadmill Under $1000.


When I checked their website today, Sole was still selling the F63 for the same $999 price, which you can see on Sole’s Treadmills Page.


The T202 is presently available for $900 on Horizon’s website, and it is Amazon pricing fluctuates a lot depending on who’s selling it.



Which makes Sole a little more pricey than the competition?

Sole’s price is $99 greater than each of their own websites’ prices; why is that?


  • Larger rollers (2.5′′ vs. 1.8′′), that extends the life of the belt (3.0 CHP vs. 2.75);
  • Powerful motor (3.0 CHP vs. 2.75);
  • A better guarantee (deck & electronics 3 years vs. 1 year).



Horizon has a little advantage in terms of app connectivity.


The Horizon features an app that sends your workout data to popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit, which may save and track your progress; the Sole F63 does not.


Sole includes a simple but well-made fitness console with 10 workout routines and standard workout metrics… It also has a chest strap cardiac monitor.


Horizon Fitness T202


The Horizon T202 is the bigger brother of the Horizon T101 we just looked at, and it comes with the following features:


  • longer deck (60′′ vs. 55′′),
  • better for runners;
  • greater max incline: 12 percent vs. 10%;
  • longer deck (60′′ vs. 55′′), better for runners;
  • greater max incline: 12 percent vs. 10%;
  • high throughput 325 lb. vs. 300:
  • as well as improved electronics


It, too, is the best folding treadmill 300-pound weight capacity with a footprint that is nearly identical to the T101 after folding.


Who this is best for: I believe the T202 would be a suitable heavy-duty walking treadmill for someone weighing between 275 and 300 pounds, and a solid running treadmill for someone weighing less than 200 pounds.


Sole Fitness F63

Some treadmill experts have declared the Sole F63 the best in its price category, and Consumer Reports has rated it as a “Top Pick” under $1000 for years.


They never truly updated the electronics as “fitness classes through smartphone” technology became available, but neither has the other contender in this weight class (the Horizon T202).


The F63 succeeds because it’s well-made, comes with a fantastic guarantee, and is supported by a firm that truly believes in its product.


Who this is best for: With a 3.0 CHP motor and large rollers to make the tread belt’s job easier, I believe the Sole F63 is a fantastic walking treadmill for those up to 300 pounds and a terrific low-cost running treadmill for active runners under 200 pounds.



350 lb. weight capacity



Top Pick Budget
Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Studio Series 4.0 HP Smart XTERRA Fitness TRX3500 Folding Treadmill, Silver




Why is the Horizon Fitness 7.4 (Advanced Training Studio) presently $500-600 more expensive than the Xterra TRX3500?


Reason-1: A 20% stronger motor (3.5 CHP vs. 3.0) is worth a few hundred dollars, as we’ve seen before.


Reason-2: Longer warranty: 1.5 times the parts warranty (5 years vs. 2) and twice the labor warranty (2 years vs. 1).


Reason-3: The wider running deck (22′′ vs. 20′′); 22′′ is considered a decent width for both big persons and serious runners.


Reason-4: Superior electronics console and workout programs: the Horizon 7.4 offers streaming app connectivity, Bluetooth, a heart rate band, and other things that the Xterra TRX3500 lacks.


All of those higher-quality features, I believe, clearly demonstrate why the Horizon 7.4 treadmill is pricier.



Horizon Fitness Advanced Studio 7.4


This Horizon Advanced Studio 7.4 treadmill is also about $600 more expensive than the Horizon T202 treadmill I just examined in the 325 lb. weight capacity area.


Horizon’s Advanced Studio treadmills are a step up from the T202 and T101, which are part of its “inexpensive yet high-quality” treadmill line.


Horizon advertises the T101 and T202 as “Get On And Go” treadmills, while the 7.4 (together with the 7.0 and 7.8) is marketed as “Engineered for Streaming Classes.”


I think it’s helpful to compare the T202 to the Advanced Studio 7.4, so you can see what Horizon is putting into this treadmill to justify the $600 price difference.


The Advanced Studio 7.4 provides the following advantages over the Horizon T202:


  • a significantly more powerful motor (3.5 CHP vs. 2.75);
  • streaming classes capabilities;
  • upgraded electronics console & better training routines;
  • parts and labor warranties are doubled;
  • a larger deck (22 inches vs. 20 inches), which is excellent for runners;
  • Better maximum incline: 15% vs. 12%;
  • larger capacity: 350 lb. vs. 325 lb.


The 7.4 is likewise a partially folding treadmill, with a footprint similar to the T202 after folding.


Who this is best for: The deck and engine make this an excellent choice for runners and walkers weighing up to 300 pounds, and the warranty is strong enough to allow that user capacity to be increased a few pounds. The Horizon 7.4’s streaming app functionality makes it an excellent choice for those who desire the added motivation and distractions that classes can provide.


Horizon T202 vs. Xterra TRX3500


This Xterra has the following advantages over the T202:


  • 20′′ x 60′′ running area is the same size;
  • When in use and when folded, the footprint is the same:
  • a more powerful motor (3.0 CHP vs. 2.75 CHP);
  • For the deck and parts, twice the guarantee period (2 years vs. 1 year);
  • a greater number of fitness regimens;
  • hasn’t got the data export that the T202 has;
  • Unlike the T202, it does not have Bluetooth.


(Keep in mind that the T202’s Bluetooth doesn’t support streaming fitness apps; it’s only for your music or whatever else you have on your devices.)


Additional minor details

It’s another foldable treadmill with a large weight capacity, albeit none of them fold all down like the inexpensive treadmills. The folded footprint of the Xterra TRX3500 is slightly greater than that of the Horizon 7.4 (51′′ vs. 42′′).


Weighs around 80 pounds less than the 7.4 and 27 pounds more than the T202.


Who this is best for: This is a good cheap heavy-duty walking treadmill option for a 300-pound user, as well as a decent budget option for runners under 200 pounds.


400 lb. weight limit capacity


Top Pick Sliver Model
3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill – Runner’s SOLE TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill



When looking at non-commercial treadmills for the home gym, 400 pounds is about the biggest weight limit you’ll find.


(Sole did produce a model with a 450-pound capacity for residential usage a few years ago, but it was discontinued.)


Out of the nine treadmills in this study, the 3g Cardio Elite Runner is the most expensive, by several hundred dollars.


(Keep in mind that the Sole Fitness TT8 is overpriced by roughly $700 on Amazon; that third-party reseller is overcharging you by around $700.)


The 3g Cardio Elite Runner is presently available for $3400 on Amazon and $3500 on its website, while the Sole TT8 is currently available for $2500 on the Sole Fitness website.


So, for the extra $900-$1000 over the price of Sole’s TT8, what does the 3g Cardio Elite Runner provide? Let’s have a look…



The 3g Cardio Elite Runner has the following advantages over the TT8:


  • a larger running surface (62 inches compared. To 60 inches);
  • the same (4.0 CHP) motor;
  • the same maximum weight capacity (400 pounds);
  • the same running deck width (22′′); the same maximum incline (15%)
  • frame and motor warranties are the same for the rest of your life;
  • same 2-year labor warranty in-home;
  • 10-year parts warranty vs. 5-year warranty;
  • Deck warranty is shorter (ten years vs. TT8’s lifetime); deck warranty is shorter (ten years vs. TT8’s lifetime);
  • deck warranty is shorter (There are no decline options on the TT8 compared to 6 on the TT8 (-1 to -6 percent);
  • There isn’t a Bluetooth fitness app like the TT8;
  • fewer workout regimens (8 as opposed to 10)
  • a significantly smaller console screen than the TT8’s 10″ screen;
  • a better and longer track record among runners



3g Cardio Elite Runner

With a user capacity of 400 lbs., the premium price tag buys you unequaled durability, secured by a best-in-class warranty and a trustworthy brand.


It also comes with touch controls that let you adjust speeds or slopes on the go, and this treadmill does it with ease.


However, it does not grant you the ability to stream classes from within its console. If you wish to utilize your phone or tablet to connect to a streaming app, you’ll need to do so.


This treadmill is not a folding treadmill because it is as near to “commercial gym quality” as you can get.


Sole Fitness TT8


For the price, I believe this treadmill is a beast, and as you can see, it competes with the market 3g Cardio Elite Runner.


And in a lot of ways, the TT8 outperforms the public favorite.


This Sole TT8 price what it does because, like the Elite Runner from 3g Cardio, it:


  • It’s a 400-pounder. Manufactured with Grade-A materials and design expertise, this treadmill has a large capacity.
  • It’s guaranteed by a world-class warranty and Sole Fitness, a renowned industry leader.


Because Sole’s business strategy isn’t like Peloton treadmill or NordicTrack’s iFit ($40 per month membership), it doesn’t have streaming classes incorporated into its console.


Sole placed their money on the TT8’s durability for it to perform for heavy users, such as athletes and others who want to improve their fitness and health.



A simple buyer’s guide for heavy-duty treadmills

Continuing from where we left off…

Here’s a quick summary of what I feel are the most critical things to consider when choosing high-weight-capacity treadmills.



What is your budget for a heavy-duty treadmill?


The best treadmills are far more expensive than the cheapest treadmills, which should come as no surprise, so expect to pay for:


  • a higher level of durability due to superior manufacture;
  • a robust motor capable of withstanding years of use by a hefty person or anyone who uses it frequently;
  • a fantastic warranty that lasts for years


Those are all pretty much required because if you don’t, you’ll soon be stuck with a broken treadmill that’s over its warranty time.


These next two aspects aren’t as vital as the first two, but they’re nonetheless important to a lot of people:


  • Bluetooth connectivity to classes is one of the advanced fitness program features.
  • precise exercise statistics from the console of your treadmill


Weight capacity of a treadmill

It’s important to repeat treadmill specialists’ recommendations about a user’s weight and the weight capacity of any treadmill they’re considering purchasing:



Look select a treadmill with a weight limit that is 50 lb. or more than your current weight to avoid your treadmill’s motor burning out.


CHP is a unit of measurement for motor strength


Treadmill motor power is best evaluated in continuous horsepower (or CHP), not peak horsepower, as some manufacturers claim.


Peak horsepower is usually more than continuous horsepower, so it appears amazing on paper, but it isn’t a genuine measure of a treadmill’s motor strength.


The CHP of a heavy-duty treadmill is important since it indicates the treadmill’s consistent power output.


A treadmill that qualifies as a true heavy-duty treadmill will have a powerful engine with enough CHP to justify high weight capacity treadmill because it is usually heavily utilized for long periods &/or used by a heavy individual.


Here are the recommendations from the CHP again as:


  • 5 CHP minimum for people above 250 lbs. walking
  • Users weighing more than 300 pounds must walk at a minimum of 3.0 CHP.
  • Jogging/running by people weighing more than 250 pounds need a minimum of 3.5 CHP.
  • 0 CHP minimum for athletes under 200 lbs.



The following are some general criteria for determining the dimensions of your running surface:



  • For walking, minimum width of 20′′ is advised, especially for a heavy person.


Cheap treadmills nearly typically feature a running/walking surface that is far too small for a large person to walk comfortably on; instead, go for a sturdy heavy-duty walking treadmill.


  • For serious competitive runners, a running area width of 22 inches is ideal, while 20 inches should plenty for everyone else.


For walkers, the length is


  • If you simply plan on using the treadmill for strolling or very slow jogging, 50 inches should be enough.


  • If you’re heightened with a long stride and want to increase your walking speed, a running surface with a minimum length of 55 inches is recommended.


Length for Runners’


Consider the following:


  • Do you expect to use your treadmill for running or merely walking or slow jogging?


  • If a runner — regardless of height — wants to use a heavy-duty treadmillfor whichever running, such as in a HIIT/sprint interval training session or equivalent, the running surface length is highly crucial.


  • If you plan to run on your treadmill, 55 inches should be enough if you are under 6 feet tall by 1 inch or 2 (depending on your top speed stride of course).


  • Tall and/or lengthy sprinters require a 60-inch or longer running surface.


Amazing warranty


All of the greatest heavy-duty treadmills come with warranties that are far better and more customer-friendly than any of the inexpensive treadmills you’ll find.


The coverage period for these four sections will nearly always be mentioned separately on the guarantee of a high-quality, robust treadmill:


  • frame;
  • motor;
  • parts;
  • as well as labor


The deck is sometimes specified separately; this is sometimes written into high-quality warranties, where the treadmill allows for expansion of your deck’s protection beyond the warranty period for the treadmill’s parts.


Electronics are often included separately, but they’re just another part of the treadmill.



The roller size: better is bigger

The best walking pad for a heavy person: The lifespan of the treadmill belt you’ll be walking or jogging on is determined by some factors, one of which is the size of the rollers employed when the treadmill was manufactured.


The motor moves the belt around and around while you’re jogging on the rollers beneath your running surface.


The larger the rollers, the better, because larger rollers don’t spin as much as smaller rollers, resulting in less wear and tear on your treadmill belt.


The thickness of the tread belt is also important

All other things being equal, the stronger the tread belts are, the longer they will likely endure.





What is the ideal treadmill for someone who weighs 300 pounds?

An excellent treadmill for a 300-pound person should have a weight capability of at least 350 pounds.


It is critical for the treadmill’s motor as well as other moving parts to have a capacity that is at least 50 pounds greater than the user’s weight.


With this greater capacity in mind, the Horizon Fitness AT7 and the LifeSpan Fitness 5500i, are ideal treadmill alternatives for a 300-pound user.


Is it possible to use a treadmill if I’m overweight?

The usage of a treadmill with a weight limit less than the user’s weight regularly may cause the treadmill to wear out or be damaged.


When a treadmill is given a maximum weight limit, it is determined in part by the motor and frame strength. Because the person is simply too hefty for that treadmill, the pressure of additional weight above its capability could break it.


To lose weight, how long should I spend on the treadmill?

The minimal amount of moderate-intensity exercise advised by the US Department of Health and repeated by the American Heart Association is thirty minutes each day, five days a week.


They also recommend lifting weights a bunch of times per week and sitting less than you usually do.


And, rather unsurprisingly, a healthy diet that eats fewer calories than you burn each day is required for any level of weight loss success.


Bringing things to a close

I hope that you found our high-capacity treadmill review helpful, as well as the buyer’s guide on how to pick the perfect heavy-duty treadmill for you.


I wish you luck in your fitness endeavors.

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